Occupational Therapy Assessment:

Imagine Paediatric Occupational Therapy uses a range of both standardized and non-standardized assessments to build a comprehensive picture of a child’s current strengths, needs and difficulties. A full occupational therapy assessment includes a comprehensive written report detailing the findings of the assessment, and practical recommendations that may be implemented / engaged in within the home, school &/or therapy environment.  Together with a written report, a 1 hour session is offered to the parent / caregiver; giving the therapist and parent / caregiver an opportunity to discuss the assessment report and findings in detail, and where appropriate discuss further actions.

Occupational therapy assessment is most regularly completed within the clinic environment in Killarney. However, assessments can be offered within a home or school environment where appropriate. If you would like to request an occupational therapy assessment within a home or school environment, please enquire / discuss with therapist upon initial contact.  


Imagine Paediatric Occupational Therapy provides individualised treatment plans & therapy sessions for a wide range of varying needs and difficulties; eg. coordination, sensory, gross motor, fine motor, handwriting, visual motor, concentration / attention, planning, motivation, executive functioning, management of daily activities (washing, dressing, self-care). Therapy sessions are based on evidence based practice, utilizing an international model of practice to assist the formulation of aims and goals throughout. Interest and enjoyment are central to our therapy sessions, maximising motivation and as such continuing engagement. Parents, caregivers, siblings and schools are integrated / included within intervention plans / therapy sessions where appropriate, maximising the benefit for each child. 

Individual or group therapy sessions can be provided, dependent on the needs of each child. Occupational therapy intervention is most regularly provided in blocks, comprising of 6 sessions; 1 weekly for 6 weeks. Aims, goals, strengths and needs are continually reviewed by the therapist throughout the sessions, and discussed with parent / caregiver throughout.

Occupational therapy intervention sessions are most regularly engaged in within the clinic environment in Killarney. However, therapy sessions can be offered within a home or school environment where appropriate. If you would like to request occupational therapy intervention within a home or school environment, please enquire / discuss with your therapist.

Please note that an occupational therapy report (completed within last 2 years) is required to engage within therapy sessions. This is to ensure that intervention plans & therapy sessions are formulated in line with a child's current strengths and needs; ensuring safety and maximising benefit, motivation and engagement .

school services / training

Lucy is passionate about promoting awareness and knowledge of the varied needs, disorders and therapeutic activities for children within our occupational therapy services. Imagine OT offers a number of services / training sessions to parents, caregivers, teachers and schools within the Kerry region. These include:

- School Visits (Eg. Individual assessment, environmental assessment)

- CPD Teacher Training (Eg. What is Sensory Processing? How can I provide sensory activities / input within the school environment?)

- Parent / Caregiver Awareness Talks (Eg. How can I support the development of my child's motor skills?)

- Group Training (Eg. Sensory Diet Activities; What is organising, calming and alerting?)

If you would like any further information regarding these services please do not hesitate to contact Lucy directly. Please note that all training can be adapted and developed to suit the needs and requirements of the school / group.

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