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Imagine Paediatric Occupational Therapy provides a wide range of person-centred, evidence based, occupational therapy services to children and their families throughout the Kerry region. Imagine OT is based in Killarney, within a purpose built building specifically created to provide a warm, friendly and welcoming environment to children with varying needs. The clinic is managed by Lucy Brosnan, a Senior Occupational Therapist with vast experience in both the paediatric and mental health sector. Lucy is extremely passionate about providing an occupational therapy service to children with a range of varying needs and conditions. Motivation, interest and enjoyment provide the foundation to her assessment and therapy sessions at the clinic, promoting occupational engagement & functional performance, and subsequently maximising benefit for the child, their family and caregivers. In addition, Lucy utilizes an international model of practice, a comprehensive assessment pathway, and evidence based practice to formulate assessment and therapy sessions, reinforcing best practice guidelines, and consequently the high standard of assessment and therapy that Imagine OT strives to offer and provide.

Imagine Paediatric Occupational Therapy works with children aged 0-18 years, who present with an extensive range of concerns, difficulties, needs and disorders. These include:

- Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)

- Dyspraxia

- Dysgraphia

- Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

- Developmental Delay

- Sensory Processing Disorder

- Fine and/or Gross Motor Difficulties

- Executive Functioning Difficulties

- Management of Concentration / Attention

- Social or Motivational Difficulties

- Difficulties engaging in varied daily activities  (eg. washing, dressing, grooming, self-care, eating, drinking, planning & management of daily routine)

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